Name: Gosha
Question: Thermal energy right up to -273 oC (or to absolute zero on Kelvin scale) is in any material body. So, do you want to say, that you’ve found the way to take this energy with efficiency factor of 95% and turn it into electrical one???

Can you even imagine, how much thermal energy is contained on the Earth even in the ice of Antarctica, at the average cooled to -50 on the Celsius scale?! I don’t even mention the amount of thermal energy, which is moved in river waters (not even saying about the world ocean, air environment of the Earth)!!! Moreover, this energy is constantly renewable from the Earth and geothermal heat…

Guys! Are you playing the rescuers of humanity? Do you realize that the apparatus suggested by you will make unnecessary all the existing electrical power plants of the Earth? Either you don’t understand something or I can’t catch on….Could you explain me anything on my veeery BIG DOUBT?!

Answer: Dear Gosha
You are right. Atomic oscillation in lattice sites of a substance relating to presence of thermal energy in this atoms end at the temperature a little lower -273 degrees Celcius. At this temperature (the temperature of absolute zero at Kelvin) practically all the substances of the periodic table turn into solid state of aggregation. It is thought that in these conditions in the substance thermal energy is absent.

Preliminary theoretic research carried out by our group of research workers showed, that modern technologies and materials which are available to rather broad masses of population can allow creating LPTE-converter, able to take away thermal appearance of the energy from substances with the temperature close to the temperature of liquid nitrogen and convert this taken energy into its electrical appearance with very high coefficient of efficiency (efficiency factor) of the conversion. This coefficient of efficiency is attained at the expense of application of circulation effect in the aggregate suggested by us. Forgive us, but by reason of, let’s say, security we are not going to unveil the essence of this effect and a fortiori the details of its technical implementation in our converter.

Yes, we are aware of the fact, that on the Earth there is contained EXTRAGIGANTIC (comparing to modern energetic needs of mankind) amount of thermal energy, given to the surface of the Earth mostly by the Sun and geothermal heat. But we are far from the thoughts of COMPREHENSIVE HAPPINESS OF THE HUMANITY. We are just doing work, which is interesting for us, with the wish to get some dividends at the expense of intellect of our group of like-minded people. And pathos or gigantomania… let that stuff to those people, who want that. For example, our “esteemed” politicians of all types…
I hope, we have somehow satisfied your interest to our works and discredited your scepsis a little. Write and ask your questions. We will be glad of our CONSTRUCTIVE dialogue.

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