Technology of the Un-sorting Processing of Hard Domestic Wastes (HDW) or LBD-technology

What does it mean factory, working on LBD-technology? What are its setting and basic descriptions?

A factory, built on LBD-technology, or in other words – «garbage-eater», is intended for complete  and zero-emission utilization of hard domestic wastes (HDW) and wastes on the morphological composition alike on HDW without their preliminary preparatory sorting. Together the HDW (true, in the amounts of making approximately 0,01% from mass HDW utilized HDW) such factory can utilize different fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides, other poisonous (but not radio-active) matters, trotyl, gunpowder, hard rocket fuel, «all known» heptyl lying for decades. Also such factory processes the mixtures collected in sacks (after the failures of oil tankers) consisting of cockleshells, sand, dead fish and bird, oil, fuel oil, pebble, water-plants et cetera together with the sacks. Such factory utilizes both threadbare motor-car tires and bodies of birds and animals not suffered to the further processing on meat-packing plants, and any other organic substance (even containing not-organic additives). Temperature in 20000C and oxygen as an oxidant result in disintegration of swingeing majority from all above-stated on the simplest oxides. Namely such terms are assumed in the «stomach» of our «garbage-eater» (or factory built on LBD-technology).

It is impossible it would be to talk about the complete ecological cleanness of working LBD-technology, if it consumed energy and power mediums from outside. Wastes which turn out at the production of electric power or such power mediums as coal would accumulate in the places of their production. It would be turned out that we would convert one midden (in our case HDW) into a midden of other sort (carbon dioxide; heat and electricity stations’ caldron slag; gobs’ dumps on coal mines and etc.). And where is our «success and glory»?! The matter is that LBD-technology does not convert one type of garbage into other ones. The matter is that our technical organism eats up HDW and the similar things, seasoning such meal with bitumen, cuts sifting out, chalk. It breathes in air, and breathes out nitrogen, defecates (pardon) asphalt and raw material for metallurgy, urinates (pardon) motor fuels and distilled water. That is all. “Garbage-eater” built on LBD-technology has no other wastes.

Why does creation of factory, working on LBD-technology, cost so expensive?

At first, to answer this, it is necessary to imagine speculatively the conduct of four economic functions: profit of enterprise; basic capital investments to create this enterprise; enterprise functioning current outlays and period of self-repayment of enterprise. The argument of these functions is a volume HDW processing per time unit (say, per days). Speed of current outlays function growth after the volumes of HDW processing equal 300 tons per days to the certain limit becomes very low. Basic capital investments growth speed becomes substantially higher than current outlays function growth speed. But above-mentioned basic capital investments growth speed in an interval from 300 to 800 tons per days is substantially below than profit growth speed. The enterprise parameters were developed with a purpose to return the inlaid investments not through the ages, but during the acceptable visible interval of time (in our case for 25 years), namely is: HDW processing no less than 300 tons per days; an amount of the got motor fuels is 100 tons per days; the occupied area is about ten hectare; the sum of basic capital investments is about 370 millions €. All economic calculations were done in the recognition of economic situation in Ukraine, 2010 and exceptionally only profits, got from the sale of motor fuels produced by the factory were taken into account. We bargained to distribute asphalt (approximately 300 tons per days) for free. Nitrogen (approximately 350 tons per days) is supposed to be released in an atmosphere, and the distilled water (approximately 400 tons per days) is planned to be outpoured in a near-by reservoir. Besides of this our enterprise accumulates such products, which can be the subject of interest for metallurgy, both black (≈ 2500 tons iron oxides per year) and colored (≈ 120 tons of dry mixture of various coloured metals’ salts per year). All above-mentioned products can be given with thanks to metallurgists for free. In case there would be more attractive economic suggestions concerning the use of the above-stated commodity products, certainly they need to be taken into account, and that, in same queue, will reduce the terms of self-repayment of first «three-hundred-tons-garbage-eater».

In the present moment we would not like to talk loud and publicly, but there exist some perspective developments (they are hidden for the time being) which allow to reduce the terms of first «three-hundred-tons-garbage-eater» self-repayment on the third. But the scientific-applied researches are needed to realize these developments.

In the second, manufacture of the Glass Thin-walled Bottle Factory cost 80 millions € in the Kherson area. Investors spent more than 270 millions € in Cherkassy Car Factory. The reconstruction of the Donetsk stadium and adjoining territory was spent 300 millions € by Rinat Leonidovich. It is necessary for Mr Pinchuk to spend about 540 millions € to reconstruct the metallurgical complex of the factory named after Charles Libkhneht in Dnepropetrovsk. Factory on HDW utilization, which does not require energy and power mediums from outside; fully self-repaid due to the produced commodity products; does not require HDW sorting or consumes HDW sorted already; does not contaminate an environment; converts HDW in a commodity; utilizes carbon dioxide and besides of this all, decides the problem of Ukraine power independence, by a cost of 370 millions € – is expensive. Ladies and gentlemen, where is the logic?!

Maybe, does it make sense to create a little experimental enterprise, working on LBD-technology? Actually it is simpler to bring over potential investors to build the large factory having already a working model.

This question was asked by the most of potential investors. Of course, it is possible. But the basic  problem is income absence. An income absents at the limit of «garbage-eater» power up to 120 tons of HDW processing per days (profits and current outlays are equal to each other). Below 120 tons per days – current outlays are higher than profits. Besides of this, the faction of HDW crushing appears as basic element determining size of such model. Crushing faction less than 0,5cm is designed beside the purpose due to expenses of power mediums and some other reasons. Just the same faction of HDW crushing is planning to be used in large «garbage-eater». Of course, there is possibility to grind HDW in powder and build a little «garbage-eater» taking into account such sort of determining size stream. But! The LBD-technology processes, passing at different faction of HDW crushing, will substantially differ from each other on the certain processing stages. And all technical processes what be going on in the framework of small “garbage-eater”, would be impossible to be automatically carried on a large factory. Capital investments will be required on additional researches. Except for it, the sensors necessary for small “garbage-eater” processes’ control are the littlest but however have the geometrical sizes and thresholds of sensitiveness. And these sensors don’t allow manufacture this technical organism infinitely small.

Eventually, practically all technical processes involved in LBD-technology, separately work all over the worlds for a long time. A different equipment was being manufactured to them a long ago. So do we want to design? Something, what was already working for a long time in a world economy? Well, maybe… In opinion of our scientific collective, a model would be built on the basis of minimum determining size faction of HDW crushing. Further it would be used at the large plant, built on LBD-technology. Such the mini «garbage-eater» will be able to process approximately half tons of HDW per days, will demand approximately 5 millions € while creation and experimental exploitation, it will not be self-covered the cost straight and, at last, it will give the priceless scientific and  the applied experience which can be successfully applied in large factory exploitation. Our scientific collective, conducting conceptual development of LBD-technology for the real moment knows the way which is needed to pass to build the factory of any sizes. But is there the chance to find an investor to build the mini «garbage-eater»? In case the answer is positive all will be fine both for the removal of HDW accumulations and power independence of Ukraine.

You mentioned that HDW processing on LBD-technology doesn’t not require energy and power  mediums from outside, hand labor and does not absolutely contaminate an environment. Can you  expose this point in detail?

Considerable energy is celled in HDW. If you have any doubt, please, re-read the works of Dmitry  Ivanovich Mendeleyev. He wrote about it in XIX century yet. There is a possibility to extract the power from HDW after special acceptance and preparation, then incineration in oxygen in the specialized stove. Using vehicle and molecular power recycles’ systems in LBD-technology it can be confidently said: «Yes. Energy contained in HDW is fully enough for work of all systems of LBD-technology. HDW are the high-calorie enough food for «garbage-eater».

Practically all heavy metals, contained in HDW, are concentrated in fire-box slag as oxides at the system of cleaning applied in LBD-technology. They are deleted with the technological chain elements, which are well-known and a long ago in-use in the colored metallurgy.

Fire-box slag glass-ceramic constituent, being in the molten state, reliably capsules microscopic heavy metals oxides tracks, left after deletion, inside itself while cooling-down. Bitumen as an asphalt ingredient creates the second capsule-converted layer round the heavy metals’ oxides. You are to remember that asphalt contained this specially geared-up fire-box slag instead of sand is not collected in one place in one heap. It is placed allover the enormous territory, so the heavy metals oxides’ maximum possible concentration exceeding in this point of space, outgoing from asphalt, eliminated.

Oxides of nitrogen, sulphur, phosphorus, galogen-hydrogens  (mainly HCl), that the LBD-technologies contained in the steam-generator steam-and-gas exhaust (smoke) are neutralized in the system of the fire-box gases’ wet cleaning, carbon dioxide is given in the molecular recombination system, where in torus-type reactors it is converted into biomass with autotrophic bacteria. This biomass is used further to the production of motor fuels. Is it needed the enormous amount of energy to grow autotrophic chemosynthetic bacteria? Certainly! Vehicle and molecular power recycles is plugged in LBD-technology with the aim to provide the enough power to grow these bacteria, and, consequently, to utilize carbon dioxide.

Distilled water and nitrogen are accumulated without application into LBD-technology. We are far from the idea that we’ll bring harm to environment while throwing down the distilled water in a near-by reservoir, and producing nitrogen in an atmosphere.

Hand labor? HDW falls out from trash machine in the reception terminal. Then HDW are transported to the loosening and crushing system with the conveyer. After this HDW are dried with the hot blast on conveyer dryers with the vehicle power recycle systems’ embedded. Then dried and crushed HDW are given to the screw sprayers with conveyer-feeders. Then…If you follow all technological chain, it becomes clear, that people labor at the plant, built on LBD-technology is only the control functions of operator, who tracks and manages all technological processes from the distance.

That will happen when will LBD-technology factory convert TBO into a commodity?

Thousands of people collecting now bottles, iron, colored metals, plastics and other as the second raw  material will begin to collect and hand over everything called HDW on a factory. After self-repayment a factory is built on LBD-technology can pay for every ton of HDW brought approximately 40€. So people will provide our factory with raw material, and obtain themselves with facilities for existence. Remember, that  our factory can accept not only HDW but also the mowed grass and weeds, motor-car overlays, lost horse or other domestic animals, sawn branches of trees, fallen leaves, practically any other organic substances with non-organic additions, wayside dust and other, other, other…Can you imagine, how cleaner outward things will become!

We will suppose a factory working on LBD-technology is built. So what?  Have I to accept garbage and sell motor fuels for all remaining life?

Well, why so sorrowfully. It is not so badly to take away garbage from people and sell motor fuels. Besides of this, you can get an income and live well selling the licenses on building such the factories all over the world. You can also deal with the service on technical maintenance of such factories. This is very interesting and profitable idea. By the way! Equipment which can be adjusted at the building of the first factory, working on LBD-technology, is produced by hundreds of the world firms. And the specialized equipment which substantially will promote operating, economic and other descriptions of LBD-technology – is produced by anybody! In case to undertake development, manufacture, test and licensing such kind of equipment, it is possible both substantially to decrease the prime price of the next “garbage-eaters” and also to discover new and very interesting (in all senses) source of profits.

What is it needed to begin from now to build such factory in the future?

First of all, you are not to be embarrassed with the declared sum in 370 millions €, necessary for creation of factory, working on LBD-technology. And you are not to jump aside as a devil from incense from the fact that there are not such factories in the world. Always something is done first. But it is not so in our case. In fact all technological operations, involved in LBD-technology, separately work already for a long time all over the world successfully. Secondly, what to one is rather difficult, that would be easily to the group of specialists. The basic problem is not to try to «rake» up everything under itself. All our attempts to create and develop the “garbage-eater” failed because of any of potential investors wanted to lead individually all processes. Thus these potential investors could not initially agree between themselves, but not with us. Thirdly, we suppose to start with expert estimations of all that LBD-technology contains. It is necessary to conduct some work to prepare proper documentation for this purpose (it costs about 70 thousands €, and lasts about six months). Expert estimation would be conducted by two different and independent experts or expert groups on each of directions. Our specialists and the potential investors at close cooperation would choose the experts. A reliable and trust expert estimation on LBD-technology all directions costs about 200 thousands € and lasts about six months. After receipt of positive results of the conducted expert estimations it is possible to talk about the further steps of our collaboration. By the way, we are sure that expert estimations will be positive. In fact experts will estimate the capacity of LBD-technologies elements that separately work already for a long time all over the world. Actually, in LBD-technology we collected the all-known and long-working workings technological processes into a single technological chain. And necessity on all time is transitory. Not true?

PS 1.
Fundamental technical terms to which LBD-technology corresponds:

  1. Does not consume energy and power mediums from outside.
  2. Does not throw out harmful matters in an environment.
  3. It is self-repayment due to produced commodity products.
  4. Eliminates the mutual contacts between man and HDW.

The matter is people however are to create such “garbage-eater” on the basis LBD-technology anyway even if our scientific collective is absolutely mistaken in the conclusions on conducted conceptual development. If not to begin to create such or similar technical organism now – will choke in own impurities. It is important that the «garbage-eater» will bring in a rather solid return to its owners.

Moreover from our experience we are to say that it is not enough to obtain information concerning LBD-technology functioning during different symposiums, conferences, short private meetings etc. You can’t understand clearly what exact specialists of what directions must be involved in further works on «garbage-eater» creation. LBD-technology is not wonderful miracle of the certain field of science which can decide all problems by a fairy-tale method. These are the associated, girdled and well-known technological and power processes with external input and output streams. This is a conglomerate of efforts of specialists on thermodynamics, chemistry, biology, technical mechanics, economy, heating engineering… The careful understanding of LBD-technology comes only after the intensive communication with our specialists at least for a week. And this week we are ready to spare. And are you ready to hear us?

PS 2.
Certainly it is beside the purpose to inlay hundreds of millions of euro in the offered project. Potential investors are to make sure in a capacity and financial viability of the offered technology through above-mentioned expert estimations. It is desirable to underline, expert estimations are not to our scientific collective (we know and are sure that all will work), but to YOU – to the potential investors. Only when confidence and insurance in LBD-technology reliability appear, you would think about the millions investments.

Key contact: Aleksandr Anatolievich  068 – 410 – 73 – 51  (Dnepropetrovsk,  Ukraine)